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Surf Art, Landscapes, Portraits

Shelley Segal, Artist

Shelley grew up in Northern Virginia, 150 miles away from the ocean. She was a gifted artist as a child, often painting imaginary scenes of the tropics.  Upon graduating from high school, she spent a summer working at the beach in Ocean City, MD where she witnessed surfing for the first time. This experience changed the course of her life. Shelley vowed to learn to surf one day and feel what it must be like to ride a wave.

After attending Virginia Commonwealth University where she majored in Commercial Art, she made her way to Hawaii, which became her home on the island of Oahu for six years.  It was here that she fulfilled her dream of not only learning to surf but also becoming a skilled avid surfer. Her love of surfing and the tropics began to inspire her artwork. Her deep appreciation for all aspects of the Hawaiian culture and the breathtaking beauty of the islands are expressed in her paintings.  

Shelley is a self-taught painter whose work is an expression of her spontaneity and  love of nature, the ocean, sky and surfing lifestyle. She works primarily in oils using the Alla Prima approach to painting.  She uses her vivid imagination and photo references to create unique sea and landscapes.  

Shelley has raised two ocean-loving daughters and resides in Northern California, but her heart and soul remain in the islands.  

Paintings & Commissions